Can I pick up the speakers myself or is delivery mandatory?

At the moment, delivery and set up is mandatory and must be provided by us on each booking.  We plan to facilitate in-person collections of the speakers from our storage facilities in the near future.


What inputs are our speakers compatible with?

Our speakers are compatible with all popular inputs such a bluetooth, aux and phono.  They are also compatible with DJ equipment.


Is our equipment PAT tested?

Yes - all of our equipment has been PAT tested and has the required certification.


Are the speakers wireless or do they require cables?

All of our equipment requires mains connectivity.


When do I need to return the speakers?

We will come to you and pick our equipment up on the same day at the end of your specified time.  We can sometimes facilitate next day pickups depending on your event and how busy we are.


Can I rent speakers for multiple days at a time?

Yes - please use the "Get in Contact" tab to discuss longer rentals with us.


Are there any restrictions on where I can use the speakers?

The speakers can be used indoors and outdoors but must be kept dry at all times.  The speakers must be used in accordance with the law and must not be used to create a nuisance or public disturbance.


Is there a security deposit required for booking?

Yes - all of our bookings require a security deposit before they can be finalized.  The deposit will be returned to you on return of the equipment in satisfactory condition.


What happens if  a speaker is damaged under my care?

This will result in a total loss of your security deposit.